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Date of Review: 2017-11-04 06:53:08
Guest rated the following:    
Overall Rating:   Below standard
Cleanliness:   Poor
Location:   Very Good
Value for money:   Average
Apartment/rooms:   Average
Service/Staff:   Average
Surroundings:   Excellent
Guest's review:   Very dirty, wouldn't stay here. We arrived and were told that our room was ready to go and once we got to our room it's was very dirty. Toilet smelt a bit.but location was good and it was okay money wise. If looking for a short stay (business, 2-3 days ect.) I recommend here. Service is okay but not great. My personal opinion is that guest should be supplied with the quantity of products they might need for how many people we're staying. Like we had a family of 5 and we were supplied with 1 garbage bag, 2 rolls toilet paper and only 1 sml bottle shampoo, 1 sml conditioner and 1sml soap bar. My stay was okay as we went to theme parks and were only here for mainly nights but overall I had a good holiday in surface paradise just didn't enjoy / like where we stayed as it was dirty. Sorry for the rant!
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